ScopHybrid – Hybrid Mail solution

Hybrid mail Efficient mailing operations

Mail solutions cut costs, save time and increase productivity

The Hybrid mail solution enables an organisation to manage all posting and mailing operations directly from a standard desktop environment. Hybrid is a highly configurable, easy to use and a quickly deployable hybrid mail solution.

Automate mail layout and setup

Hybrid mail is responsible for finalising the presentation, printing and shipping of letters; all according to predefined or user requested parameters. Document and corporate integrity are maintained throughout the process with full traceability. Letters are optimised before output therefore benefiting from bulk discounts as addresses are checked, sorted, and collated with the most economical postage rate chosen streamlining all outgoing mail. Hybrid offers a backend suitable for production print, allowing print shops to offer hybrid mail as SaaS. 

Outbound mailings made easy

Hybrid mail uses an intuitive GUI and works with a variety of back office systems as well as existing software such as MS Word. There is no need to retrain staff or introduce costly document composition tools. Hybrid is used by a number of clients; contact your local sales team to find out how Hybrid mailing can benefit your organisation.

Key features:

Streamline mailing operations User rights management Reduce print volumes Reduce costs Add additional collateral to mailings Apply images, forms and overlays Available on portable devices Centralise printing Personalised dashboard Prioritise and group outbound communication Online help Localised settings Extensive search tools provides overview