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Prepress Software: Imposition

Imposition is a key process in prepress printing. It includes the preparation of a file, such as a PDF document, or individual pages, onto press sheets, or printer spreads, for printing. Correct imposition ensures the individual pages are positioned on the press sheet in order to obtain optimum print runs, lowering costs, reducing paper usage and improving productivity. This is especially important for commercial jobs such as books, magazines, brochures, catalogues and leaflets. The positioning ensures that when press sheets are printed, folded and cut, the pages will be in the correct order on both the front and the back of the printed sheets.

The imposition is affected by a number of considerations, including:

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Easy to use imposition software

Manual imposition has been used since the early days of print, yet with digital imposition, we now have high precision, speedy solutions that can impose many multifaceted functions, such as an entire catalogue, in an instant.

Why PPD Prepress Software?

Our own PPD Prepress software is a powerful interface that’s incredibly easy to use. Not only does it prepare files ready for printing with easy to use digital numbering, it can impose magazines, booklets and proofs, generate QR codes and barcodes, combine and merge PDFs, add and remove crop marks and deal with variable data all at the touch of a button. Last minute changes can also be applied easily without causing a production bottleneck. PPD Prepress makes printing jobs faster, giving you much more value and the best possible use from your press.  These imposed documents can then be merged with variable data from CSV or spreadsheet files to create highly personalized print runs.  Prepress imposition has never been so easy!

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PPD Prepress Features

PPD Prepress is a powerful application, but incredibly easy to use.
It has an impressive list of features:

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* Max allowed PDF dimensions are approx. 5m x 5m
* If Trim Box is not present, the Crop Box will be used
How To Videos

Basic Imposition

Numbering a Ticket

Variable Data

Numbering an A5 Docket Book

Booklet Imposition

Barcodes & QR Codes

Numbering with Letters!

Reposition PDF Content

Bleed & Crop Marks

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