Our Comprehensive Product Range

Built for purpose products from Konica Minolta lead the industry in digital print production. 

High volume cutsheet colour

Four incredible models that offer up to 450gsm duplex and 80 SRA3 PPM, vacuum feed with long sheet and multiple professional finishing options, high end print controllers and highly automated productivity 

Mid-High Volume cutsheet colour

Affordable and productive range of superb quality presses that bring profitable print solutions to your business, whatever the requirement. 

High volume cutsheet mono

With print speeds of up to 136 pages per minute, the AccurioPress 6136/6120 digital printing press provides high-quality black and white output at high volume 

PPD Prepress software

Imposition is a key process in prepress printing. It includes the preparation of a file, variable data, or individual pages, onto press sheets, or printer spreads, for printing 

Intelligent Quality Care

The IQ510 automates colour consistency and accurate registration in real time – on the fly.  

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